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Applaws Natural Wet Cat Food Tuna Fillet with Seaweed in Broth


Perfectly sized training bites to reward all those sitting pups, those instagram posing mutts, and the slightly naughtier puppies who need a little daily bribing.

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Full Cheeks Small Pet Crunchy Sticks


Treat your guinea pig to a long-lasting, baked snack bursting with flavor with Full Cheeks Apple & Carrot Flavored Crunchy Sticks. Made with love for guinea pigs, these treats offer added Vitamin C, and are made with real fruit your small pet will love. We believe caring for your furry little one should be as easy as loving them, and now it can be. Our products are specially made for them, and are designed to be simple for you. All they need to do is what they do best: give lots of love. Only at PetSmart.

Key Benefits:

Made with real fruit
Added Vitamin C
3 Count

Item Number: 5318575

Brand: Full Cheeks

Food Type: Treat

Breed: Guinea Pigs

Weight: 5.5 oz (156 g)

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Tetra® Aquarium Lifeguard Halo Shield All-In-One-Treatment


The Tetra Lifeguard Halo Shield Powered All-In-One Treatment is a therapeutic, non-antibiotic solution suitable for freshwater aquariums. Using the oxidizing action of HaloShield, this treatment attacks an array of infectious, external diseases that can harm your fish. The easy-to-use tablets are pre-measured and feature a slow-release design for thorough disease prevention.


Attacks a broad range of infectious external fish diseases, including fungus, ick, red streaks, milky or shedding slime, flukes, bacterial gill disease, mouth and fin rot, clamped or torn find and ulcers
Oxidizing action of HaloShield destroys disease-causing microorgamisms
Slow release formula
Safe for freshwater fish

Intended For: Aquariums

Includes: 32 Tablets

Health Consideration: Fish diseases

Total Weight: 0.67 oz

Cautions: Not suitable for scaleless fish, invertebrates or newly set uptanks. Use only as directed. If overdose occurs add carbon or dechlorinator as directed for immediate neutralization. Not for use one food fish. Keep out of reach of children.

1-chloro-2, 2, 5, 5-Tetramethyl-4-Imidazolidinone

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Whisker City® Bolster Cat Bed


Your kitty will love the comfort provided by this
Whisker City Grey Bolster Cat Bed. This bed provides plenty of room for your cat to stretch out and relax, finding deep sleep in the process. It is machine washable for easy cleaning, and offers the type of comfort your feline friend deserves when she lays her head down to sleep. Only at PetSmart.


Soft Polyfill
Machine washable

Includes: 1 Bolster Bed

Color: Grey

Environment: Indoors

Dimensions: 20 in L x 17 in W x 3 in H (50.8 x 43.1 x 7.6 cm)

Material: Cover: 100% Polyester; Bottom: 100% Polypropylene; Fill: 100% Polyester Fiber

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